The Dryades

The Greek word thick, "oak", comes the name of Wood nymphs. These were protective godhead of forests and wood.
They represent these nymphs in the form of women.
A warm welcome
We gave this name to this residence because it is in 400m of some wood of Randan . You will be able to discover more than 250 remarkable(notable) trees listed in Auvergne, with which two are visible(obvious) in the Wood of Randan .
A home(house) of 450 m2 traditional of the country of Limagne in adobe composed(made up) of five rooms prepared with the biggest care will be at your disposal for a soft and comfortable stay.
Lunch and dinner will be served in the room of life where you will have, also, the pleasure of slackening you in the living room, of delivering you in reading thanks to the library, writing you of to your family or to your friends on the secretary envisaged with this effect, where, simply lounge in the small park of 3500m2 where private done up areas will allow you to cast delicate(tactful) parties.
You will visit these areas on the site by using(employing) the button " The Accommodation ".
You will be received(welcomed) by your guests, Valérie and Frederick. They will offer you various activities. If you better like to know Auvergne, Frederick, Volcanologist, will be delighted, during his conferences and of the visionnage of the film « The exciting history of the volcanoes of Auvergne », to initiate you to the volcanoes of Auvergne.
Of the Auvergne always, Valérie will point out to to you the places of visits to be favoured. Will make you, also, share the products of the land used(employed) in its kitchen. A regional kitchen will offer you. Will offer you baskets "peak - nic " in anticipation of your walkings. Will organize you of evenings with topic, to a timetable established beforehand, naturally.
We also want to put forward the respect for our planet to transmit a nature to our children as we can even admire it at present. With this effect, a note is shown so that each of us can contribute and participate in his protection so that our children have the huge pleasure of noticing(observing) it simply. That they can feel huge joy and contentment which it brings to consider its beauty.